Swiss Dream Circus - we are coming back to KL 2017

Celebrate with us the incredible world of wonders and enter into the electrifying world of Swiss Dream Circus!!!


Catch the high spirited and pulse-racing thrills by the most famous artists under our Big Top. Never before such an amazing cast of this caliber being seen in Malaysia. We are proud to come back to Malaysia with brand new show in 2017. 


Circus performers from all over the world create the perfect blend of acrobatics and bravery. A unique place where power meets fearlessness and amazement has no bounds.

People say that a circus is a family on its own. It’s really an undeniable fact that circus people feel connected to each other well beyond the limits of countries and continents.


Out of this mess of languages and experiences, cables and poles, ropes and fabrics, a new and fascinating magical world grows.


This spirit of solidarity, too, is part of what our audiences’ experience. You do not need to speak a particular language to understand a circus and be captivated by this magic. The music, the spot lights, the unique atmosphere and the performers from different cultures will transport you into a wondrous world that words cannot express but only felt once you are with us.


No matter which religion, race, status or language, the circus will always entertain people the same way it has done for centuries.


With incredible displays of acrobatic, balance, aerial stunts and thrilling acts, the cast of Swiss Dream Circus is a show that audiences won’t want to miss.


Be Sure To Watch Us !!!

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