set up

Before the show can start


A quick look behind the scenes of a circus and you are able to realize that the glitz and glam make up a very small part of the entire production. In fact, years and years of preparations have to be made for a show to be truly successful and world-class artistes who are high in demand have to be booked even before the show venues are confirmed. Even more so, for international shows such as ours. It is essential to find partners and sponsors to help us realize a 2 million ringgit production. Countless formalities, such as visas for the artists, guest performance license, insurances, deposits, fire and Big Top approval, to name a few, must be applied for and settled. Flights and hotels for artists and crew have to be booked. Transports and customs formalities for the props of the artists must be organized.


During this phase the creative team is involved in the creation of the show and the concept of the new production.

Posters and flyers have to be designed, TV spots must be created and a marketing plan has to be made. Countless contributors and friends behind the scenes are building on an idea of a real circus that just wants to make people laugh and dream.


External companies such power suppliers, air conditioning provider, lighting and sound system creator are booked. The F & B has to be organized without forgetting security service and a standby rescue service (just in case!).


Two weeks before the first show, six 40ft containers with more than 100 tons of material will roll into the venue. The huge Big Top has to be setup from scratch. 84 anchors are rammed into the ground to which the tent is attached. From a mess of over one thousand items the grandstand is built, which offers comfortable seating to nine hundred visitors. Hundreds of meters of power cables are being laid. Spotlights and sound system has to be arranged. The red velvet curtain hung up and the red carpet rolled out.


The artistes are only allowed four days to rehearse and familiarize themselves with in this new venue. Light and music settings are made and the props, such as the trapeze, are set in place.


Now the show can begin.