Great 3D model of Swiss Dream Circus by Big Top Model - Chris Petterson

Due to the uncertain situation of the Covid19, we unfortunately have to postpone the 2021 tour. We hope that Malaysians will support us again next year. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Due to the uncertain situation of the Covid19, we unfortunately have to postpone the 2020 tour. We hope that Malaysians will support us again next year. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

The new poster is out


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The new poster for 2018 is ready

A beautiful video of our performer Francis Perrault at the Zurich Opera House in Switzerland. He performed 2015 with Swiss Dream Circus in Malaysia. 

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spot one of our 10 Swiss Dream cars driving around Kuala Lumpur

September 8 -10 in Ayr, Ontario... Swiss Dream Circus last weekend in Canada  - soon we are coming to Malaysia.



Our new poster is out :)


Mid of August the ticket sales starts



Ticket sales in St. Thomas Canada started




Swiss Dream Circus goes to Canada!


Under the name Canadian Swiss Dream Circus we will be housting for the first time four cities in Ontario. We are proud to bring a highly qualified international circus show to Canada. Don't miss this amazing show. Just for a short time in Ontario.


From August 11, 2017 until September 10, 2017

Swiss Dream Circus returns to Malaysia on 2017


Every year around the month of March, we at Swiss Dream Circus, together with our partners 
Le Tresor Legacy Ventures Sdn. Bhd., look forward to releasing our schedule of shows for the year. We feel extremely blessed and fortunate to have had two successful runs in 2014 (Kuala Lumpur) and 2015 (Kuala Lumpur & Johor Bharu) and have been eager in preparation and of the all-new and improved Swiss Dream Circus – with new, exciting artistes from all over the world, to bring to you once again, the circus you know and love.


However, recent events, i.e. the imminent threat of terrorism as forewarned by PM Najib Razak earlier this year and unstable economic conditions, have put a spanner in the works. We are heavy-hearted to announce, that in the interest of safety – of our organizers, performers and members of the audience – we see no choice but to postpone the next Swiss Dream Circus to a later date in the coming year.


The good news is this gives us more time to curate and produce and even better Swiss Dream Circus. Even as we speak, we are travelling across Europe, scouting for new acts and artistes that would be a good fit for our show.


We are grateful for your support and encouragement and we look forward to seeing you under our Big Top soon!



Marco Baumgartner                       Ismail Stork
Founder & Producer                        Promoter & Organizer


Our performers Vladimir Omelchenko & Jump Ropes winner of the IV Circus Festival in Odessa 2015


Congratulation! ;)

Melinda Looi at her Raya 2015 Fashion Show "Colourful Journey" presented at the Swiss Dream Circus in Kuala Lumpur












Marco Baumgartner and Ismail Stork with Melinda Looi

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The new poster is ready

We are proud to come back to Malaysia with a brand new tent. Specially designed for Swiss Dream circus with the newest standard and a modern look.


The smaller Big Top size will create the perfect incomparable circus atmosphere inside, which gives you the uniquely circus feeling which you can only experience in a real live circus.

Circus -- National Geographic Photo of the Day

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AUGUST 27, 2014


Hoop Dreams

Photograph by Aizuddin Saad, National Geographic Your Shot

A performer with Switzerland’s Swiss Dream Circus nimbly twirls hula hoops around her arms and legs. “In Malaysia, it’s really hard to see a circus show … without animals involved,” writes Your Shot member Aizuddin Saad. “When I heard that a group of circus performers was doing a show in Kuala Lumpur, I took a chance to document circus life.”


Great backstage pictures made by Aizuddin Saad photojournalist based in Kuala Lumpur


have a look and click here: