The Show 2014

Jennifer Gasser, Switzerland   hula hoop


The gifted hula hoop artist Jennifer Gasser grow up in one of the oldest European circus dynasty. Her family and relatives run several circuses in Switzerland and even Australia.


The circus is her home and she could not imagine another way of life. Since she was born she traveled from town to town and learned everything from her parents what it needs to be an excellent performer.

She will amaze you with a great hula hoop act.



Andrea Alton-Tomko, Hungary   aerial hoop


When Andrea was 6 years old, she began gymnastics raining in Hungary. Then in 1986 she left home and headed to Budapest to start a scholarship in the Hungarian State Circus School. She performed with several acts all over the world.


After 2 years in the USA and having fantastic training facilities at Cirque du Soleil in Orlando, she came back to Europe with her own new aerial act.


We are happy to have her in our show with her magical aerial act full of motion, grace and strength.

Pranay Werner, Germany   diabolo


Pranay Werner, the 22 years old sunny boy from Germany will entertain you with his outstanding diabolo act. Since he was a small child, he was fascinated by this spool-shaped top flying into the air using a string between two sticks.

The complex maneuver, requiring the spool landing on the string again, involves incredible accuracy, precision and skill on the part of the performer.


Pranay is one of the best in his field. The passionate young guy certainly loves what he is doing and will definitely mesmerize you with his impressive handling of the diabolo.


He won several Circus Prizes such as the Bronze Star at the Young Stage Festival in Basel, Switzerland.


In January next year Pranay will perform at the most prestigious Circus Festival in the world. The famous Circus Festival in Monte Carlo.

Rob Alton, England   BMX-act


He loves fun and action and made his hobby into his occupation. Even as a young boy, he was enthusiastic about riding bicycles, entertaining everyone with all sorts of tricks. This skill soon turned into passion followed by an ambition to present ultimate riding tricks on his BMX-bicycle.


He performed all over the world and joined for several years the most famous circus in the world - “Cirque du Soleil”.


We are glad having him in our Swiss Dream Circus Show 2014

Troup Udali Molodetzkaya, Russia, Belarus & Moldova  Russian bar 


Projected high into the air from a thin fiberglass bar supported on the shoulders of powerful porters, the vaulters perform incredible movements with several somersaults and twists before landing back on the bar.


Look out for their triple somersault while balancing on the Russian bar, two meters above the ground guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush.


Winners of the bronze medal at the international Circus Festival in Latina (Italy)

Laura von Bongard, Germany   foot juggling


If you thought juggling could only be done with the hands, watch Laura, a young German lady who will amaze you with a brilliant foot juggling act.


She graduated from the circus and ballet school in Berlin. In this impulsive multi-cultural city she started her career. When she was just 17, she got already awarded as the best Variete and circus newcomer 2009. Now she is 22 and loves to entertain the croweds.


She performed all over Europe and is happy to perform for the first time in Asia.

Duo Kvas, Ukraine   hand to hand acrobatic


The dynamic duo will display an acrobatic balancing act that defies the law and gravity. In a flawless act of strength, agility and elegance Volodymyr will balance Anton with nothing but his hands.


The duo graduated from the Kiev State circus school and started an incredible career which brought them to many countries across Europe.


This January the duo Kvas proudly won the bronze clown at the international circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. The most prestigious Festival where just the best of the best artist can take part.

Extreme Fly, Ukraine   High bars


Four performers cross paths which connect horizontal bar techniques with circus arts.


The young Ukrainian guys perform on a central three bars structure. The show you incredible moves and they let your adrenalin grow when they fly from one part of the structure to the other.


Incredible jumps on a high level skill make the act unique in that genre. After the short stop in Malaysia, they will join the Swiss Circus Ohlala, run by the famous circus producers Gregory and Rolf Knie. 

Willi, Germany   clown


His symbiosis of comedy and music plus his humoristic talent to entertain his audience makes him to one of the most successful comedian in Europe.


Willi appears year in year out in over 200 shows between Tokyo and Rio, Berlin and Montreal and from Hamburg to Cannes.


You can look forward to being “volunteered” in some of his performances, which are guaranteed to be memorable.


Show clip


Thank you Malaysia... was a great season 2014!