Show 2015

Clown André - Switzerland / Comedian 


The Swiss Clown Andre is like the favorite comedian Mr Bean. He draws laughter as easily as water flows from a tap, described by the Singapore Business Times.


Andre is one of the most famous clowns in Europe and was awarded at the prestigious Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo.


He just returned from France where he was touring with the well-known circus Arlette Gruss. He is a clown who is fascinated by the young and old alike.

Vladimir Omelchenko – Ukraine / Juggler


Vladimir is a talented juggler, he has been travelling and performing all across Europe. He’s expertise in juggling clubs.


Like a small tornado, the 24 year old juggles with up to five clubs at a time.

Perfect timing, dexterity and coordination is needed to create an act like this. With years of practice and patience he is one to look out for in the circus industry.


With incredible skills and his youthful style, he takes the audience under his spell.

Double Dutch – Ukraine / Jump Rope


Inna, Denys and Iurii from Ukraine love jumping rope. 

Each of us has surely tried once to jump rope in our lives, be it when we are a child or an adult having some fun.  


What these three young artists do with this simple prop is incredible. Through the unconventional choreography and their precise jumps it makes this act unique. 


In trend and fashionably talented, these young artists will make you wanna try this at home. Be amazed of this powerful and lovely presented act.

Francis Perreault – Canada / Cyr Wheel 


The young ambitious artist amazes us with his beautiful Cyr Wheel act.


Power, elegance and precise skills, let us nearly forget how difficult the act is." The Lord of the ring” knows how to enchant and mesmerizes his audience.  


Wherever he performs the audience celebrates the talented young man from Canada.


X-treme Brothers – Romania / Hand Acrobatic


The Romanian trio Laurentiu, Inout-Gabriel and Valentin met each other years ago in the gymnastics school of Bucharest. 


Together, they have created an incredible and powerful act with emotional music that underscores the perfectly choreographed movements. 


In Europe, the three young athletes have already made their mark and name in their expertise and looking forward to appear for the first time in Asia especially Malaysia.

Aleshin Brothers – Russia / Icarian Games


The two young artists came directly back from the US, where they worked for the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. For the first time, we are proud to have them in our show in Malaysia.


The Icarian Games, a traditional circus discipline that you rarely see these days are being brought back to life with new twist of challenging disciplines. The human body becomes catapult and catcher. The artist is whirled through the air and balanced by his partner using only the strength of his feet. 


The two guys, shows a sophisticated and full of strength and choreographed act on an incredible speed which will thrill spectators.

Ekaterina Shustova – Russia  / Aerial tissue 


Ekaterina comes from a well-known Russian circus family. With the age of only eight, she began her Circus carrier. During her youth, she won several awards at international youth circus festivals from Moscow, Italy to Monte Carlo. After the stint in the famous Russian Nikulin Circus, her commitment began with the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil.


What the young lady does with just a simple tissue is unique in the circus world. With lots of power and elegance she enchants the audience around the world.

With spectacular and breathtaking tricks the young artist entertains young and old alike. 

Vladimir Omelchenko – Ukraine / Rola-Rola


The young Ukrainian is not only a great juggler. He is a leading acrobat of Rola-Rola balance. He recently was awarded at the international Circus Festival in Warsaw (Poland).


He amazes us with his incredible Rola-Rola act. He piles up on each other’s roles to ever new variations and defying the force of gravity. Enormous balance and concentration is required.


Assisted by his charming wife this incredible act will leave you astonished.

Los Ortiz – Colombia / Wheel of death  


The young Colombian artists will take your breath away. To create such an act one must probably be slightly crazy and a daredevil.


Jumping rope or even to balance themselves blindfolded on the external gear, it takes more than just courage. Up to ten meter above the ground with daring jumps are shown to the utmost skill of the artists.


Even if you're just watching, the audience gets weak in the knees and gets the adrenaline really flowing.

Anja Walder – Switzerland / Singer


Circus is a mix of various arts. We are proud that we can put a very special accent to the show with the young and talented singer Anja Walder from Switzerland.


With her ​​angelic and beautiful husky voice, she will sing along with several acts to further create an atmosphere of wonderful experience that it’s once in a lifetime.


Anja will give the show a very special and unique touch.

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Thank you Malaysia... was a great season 2015!