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Janine Eggenberger – Trapeze – Switzerland


Janine Eggenberger's heart beats for aerial acrobatics. In Montreal, the capital of the modern circus, the young Swiss was trained by trainers from the Cirque du Soleil. Since then, she has performed gracefully in dizzying heights in her various performances, combining power, flexibility and elegance. Whether at Carnegie Hall in New York, on the cruise ship Royal Caribbean, or at Germany’s Got Talent - Janine's air acrobatics shows are amazing.

Zac Tomlison – Jump rope – USA / Germany


What Zac does with his rope, borders on the impossible. He has been world champion in this sport routine on several occasions. He celebrated his own debut on stage in the famous Swiss Christmas circus Salto Natale last winter in Zurich. Get ready to be charmed by this young virtuoso.

Andrei – Pogolerov – Wheel of death - Russia


Andrei is born in the circus and loves taking calculated risks. Not only is he a gifted high wire artist, but he is also a terrific performer on the wheel of death. In this act, he makes daring jumps from as high as twenty five feet, taking your breath away. He joins us at Swiss Dream Circus after completing a stint at the famous state circus in Tiflis, Gorgia.

Victor Rossi - Clown – France


VIctor is the 8th generation of a Franco-Italian circus family. He started his circus career aged 5, acting as a clown alongside his father at the International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. Later he performed as an acrobat and juggler. At 18 he returned to the family tradition of being a clown, just like his father and grandfather before him. Setting himself apart with a unique blend of comedy and innovation while still staying true to the art of clownery.

Troup Dneprovskie – High wire – Russia


This high wire act is a first for us. The Troup Dneprovskie balances high above the ring and shows daring artistry on the impossibly slim 15mm wire.  This multi-award winning troupe recently performed in the biggest European circus, the world renowned Circus Krone in Germany.


Extreme Light - LED Dancer - Ukraine


Extreme Light is the name of this young troup from Ukraine. With sophisticated technique this Ukrainian dancers will delight you with their unique choreography and LED-illuminated costumes.

These young artists cleverly combine artistry and dance into a fantastic work of art.

Veronika – Swinging trapeze - Russia


Veronika traveled lifelong with her parents in the circus. She is part of the great high wire act with her father and does have her solo routine on the swinging trapeze. She looks like an angel in the air. At dizzy heights, it unites excitment and elegance in perfection. She performed already almost in all continents.






Stanislav Vysotskyi - Juggler - Ukraine


After 21 years of juggling, Stanislav has developed his own unique style of foot-tossing-juggling. This technique allows him to juggle with bare feet while standing up. Come and be amazed as he attempts to juggle up to four balls on one foot - a feat that has never been seen before!


Jane Young - Violinist/Songstress – Russia


Jane, the young Russian lady who made her Swiss Dream Circus debut in 2018 will be back once again to support individual acts with her beautiful voice and will captivate the audience with her violin.  Come and be enchanted as she transforms each act into an unforgettable moment. 

Elena Sanders – Contortion - USA/ Puerto Rico


Elena Sanders is half American-half Costa Rican multidisciplinary circus artist specializing in aerial straps, contortion and hula hoops. At Swiss Dream Circus she will amaze with her lovely contortion act. Stare in awe as she shoots an arrow into the center of the target with her feet! Famous from the Show of America’s Got Talent.

Ruslan – Mountain Bike Act - Ukraine


The Ukrainian artist Ruslan shows there’s more you can do with a bicycle than just everyday cycling. With skill and precision he goes through the motion, performing various jumps with and over his dance crew. Don’t miss him in the opening act. 

Internationally awarded clown

V I C T O R   R O S S I