Show 2017 Canada-Tour

Anastasiia - Aerial Pole / Ukraine


Aerial pole is a relative new circus discipline. To make this act look so light and elegant, it takes a lot of body control and power but Anastasiia presents a harmonious mix of pole and aerial acts with ease. Come be wowed by this lovely lady from Odessa.

Andrii Maslov – Free Ladder  & Juggling Act / Transnistria


Andrii’s main discipline is juggling. He combines dance and the art of juggling into an incredible act. The modern moves and the smooth ways of bringing up to seven balls in the air are just beautiful. His unique style and ease of performance could easily fool any audience into believing that it is easy to juggle with such precision. When he’s not busy juggling, Andrii also performs the ladder balance act, one of the rarest circus disciplines to still exist. With his youthful charm and modern choreography, this young artist from relatively unknown Transnistria, is ready to wow you with this ancient circus art. 

In the past he has been awarded for his skills at the international Circus Festival Latina in Italy and has just returned from performing in the famous Swiss  Circus Ohlala. 

Elli Huber – Swinging Trapeze / Australia


Elli, the young Australian performer is an internationally acclaimed aerialist with a background in dance and music.  She trained worldwide at “Aerialize - Sydney Aerial Theatre in Australia”,” The Beijing International Arts School in China” and “Ecole Leotard in Montreal”.


She recently performed in Australian’s Silver’s circus and Mexico’s Circo Atayde. We are happy to have this young lady with her outstanding swinging trapeze act in our show.

Pranay Werner – Diabolo  / Germany


Pranay Werner, the 25-year old sunny boy from Germany will entertain you with his outstanding diabolo act. Since he was a child, he was fascinated by this spool-shaped top flying into the air using a string between two sticks.The complex maneuver, requiring the spool landing on the string again, involves incredible accuracy, precision and skill on the part of the performer.


In January 2015 Pranay performed at the famous Circus Festival in Monte Carlo in the category “Young Generation”.

Anastasia & Oleksii - Pole Act / Ukraine


A ballet student from Kiev and a sportsman have come together to create this beautiful act and have performed all over the world.

The duo from Ukraine display strenght and elegance in incredible perfection at the pole. Prepare yourself to be astonished when Anastasiia stands on her partner, while he is holding himslef to the pole as a human flag.


Aleshin Brothers - Icarian Games / Russia


The two young artists worked for the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil and were with us on tour in Malaysia already.

The Icarian Games, a traditional circus discipline that you rarely see these days are being brought back to life with new twist of challenging disciplines. The human body becomes catapult and catcher. The artist is whirled through the air and balanced by his partner using only the strength of his feet. 


The two guys, shows a sophisticated and full of strength and choreographed act on an incredible speed which will thrill spectators.

Clown André - Comedy / Switzerland 


The Swiss Clown Andre is like the favorite comedian Mr Bean. He draws laughter as easily as water flows from a tap, described by the Singapore Business Times.


Andre is one of the most famous clowns in Europe and was awarded at the prestigious Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo.


He just returned from Germany where he was performing at the biggest circus in Europe the well-known circus Krone. He is a clown who is fascinated by the young and old alike.

Duo Alansia - Aerial Straps / Ukraine


Returning from their lates stint in renowned production "Adrenalin" this young couple is set to mesmerize your senses with their beautiful aerial act.

With power and elegance, they flaunt their incredible figueres as they swirl through the circus dome.

We are proud to be the first to bring them to Canada.


Trio Angelis - Russian Bar / Romania


Projected high into the air from a thin fiberglass bar supported on the shoulders of powerful porters, the vaulters perform incredible movements with several somersaults and twists before landing back on the bar.

Look out for their amazing triple somersault while balancing on the Russian bar, two meters above the ground that is guaranteed to give you a wonderful adrenaline rush.


Trio Angelis were also winners of the golden medal at the International Circus Festival in Bucharest 2017.

Elea Broger


Clown Andres thirteen-year-old daughther is a gifted ballet dancer. Her heart has been beating the stage and the circus since her earliest childhood. Recently, she had her first major appearance in Scotland and now she is happy to showcase her skills in Canada.