Show 2018

Evgenia – Violinist & Songstress – Russia


For the first time the Swiss Dream Circus presents a violinist. Experience this young exceptional artist as she enchants you with her violin and supports the other acts throughout the show. Evgenia will also inspire you with her beautiful voice. The combination of live violin and harmonic performance opens up completely new possibilities to add to the charm of the show.

Isabela Pessolano – Aerial Ring – Venezuela


For the first time, Swiss Dream Circus combines two different branches of the arts into a beautiful duet. Be enchanted as Isabela floats in the air while she is accompanied by Evgenia’s enchanting violin playing. An awesome visual treat that makes you forget just how much power the artists need to make it look so harmonious.

Yurie Basiul – Handstand Act – Moldova



Yurie Basiul is a shooting star in the circus art industry and has already enchanted the audience with his "dream in white" on many major stages. He astounds the audience with his physical strength. His movements seem weightless, a result of years of hard training. It just looks so easy. Get ready to be blown away.

Maria & Alex – Pole Act – Romania



A great pole act is one that is both smooth and graceful. This artistic discipline is particularly difficult and requires enormous power and strength. These two award-winning Romanian artists are true masters of their craft and enchant their audience with a loving and seemingly effortless staging. 

Igor & Tatiana – Knife Throwing Act – Russia


Real life couple Tatiana & Igor like to do “dangerous things” together. This is their first time in Asia and they are looking forward to amaze the Malaysian audience.

Knife throwing is one of the oldest disciplines in circus. Today it is rarely seen. When playing with the knives, a precise throwing technique is required, which is mastered by Igor excellently.

When Tatiana turns around on a rotating platform and the knives get stuck in the board next to her, the audience will catch their breath.

Clown Tirro – Clown – Venezuela



South American Clown Tirro has spread laughter and joy throughout many countries in his 10 year career; with his provocative nature, he makes irony and fine sarcasm his mean of expression. Come and see his effortless interaction with the crowd and be tickled by his funny antics.

Isabela & Ernesto – Cradle Act – Venezuela



This Venezuelan duo have dedicated their art to a very special prop – the Russian Cradle. Unbelievable jumps are performed by Isabela but she always lands safely in the trusty arms of Ernesto. Trust and precision are extremely necessary to perform this act. In the past, they have performed primarily in South America and are looking forward to show-off their skills for the first time in Malaysia.

Jean & Drone - Comedy – France



Jean has many artistic talents and one is certainly his humorous side. Jean and his drone. A funny parody between man and machine. For a short time, the Drone almost becomes a pet. An idiosyncratic Drone can be tamed, Jean proves in a sympathetic way.

Duo Romance – Aerial act – Romania



We are proud that we were able to secure this award-winning couple from the Romanian State Circus Globus to our show. With amazing power and elegance they present a wonderful act which combines sensuality with just the right amount of risk – creating an unforgettable “Love Story” in the air. Get ready to be mesmerized by this amazing couple as they counterbalance gravity with their impressive figures in the circus dome.

Flames & Co – Diabolo – France



Jean and Morgan, the French duo, amaze with their virtuoso diabolo act. Awarded at the Festival International du Cirque du Loir-et-Cher in France and now after a guest appearance in Switzerland they are now on tour with Swiss Dream Circus. An old Chinese toy has encouraged them to create a fantastic performance. It is magical when the burning diabolo flies high in the circus dome. A mix of dance and incredible moves make this act a very special experience.

Trio Naumov – Russian Bar – Russia


This exceptional trio worked before for the world famous “Cirque du Soleil”. We are happy to have them in our show. “Russian Bar” is the name of their prop on which one performer get projected high into the air from a thin fiberglass bar supported on the sholder of powerful porters. The acrobat perform incredible movements with the legendary triplel somersaults before landing back on the bar.

They have been awarded at many international circus festivals around the world.